The Best Detox Diet Plan

detox dietThe concept behind a detox diet should be nothing more than an eating plan that will aid the body to achieve balance by consuming foods that have alkalizing and astringent properties within the body. There is really nothing extraordinary about what a detox diet entails – it is just a diet that we are anatomically and physiologically designed to eat. Essentially, it’s a diet that we should consume every day of our lives so that the natural processes of the body will all be in order to maintain good health.

Based on the design of our body, we are frugivores. This is evidenced in the newest archeological findings of our origination being in the tropics where fruit is abundant.  A frugivore differs from a fruitarian in that the latter eats nothing but fruit, whereas, a frugivore eats about 80% fruit, 15% greens and 5% nuts and seeds.  Most people will think that to follow this diet would be such a radical change.  But, we must understand that the diet that we eat today is radical for the systems in our body!

Throughout many, many years, the human race has veered from this diet due to varying factors. This change has left us more vulnerable to disease. The majority of the population on this planet, especially “westernized” civilization, have drastically changed their eating habits to either an omnivorous or herbivorous diet.  Noteworthy, those few who eat a frugivore diet are the epitome of health!

Nonetheless, there are many of us who have lived our lives eating a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) – full of acid-producing foods, that wreak havoc on the body. If we understand what acidosis of the body will do and how it puts such a major stress on all of our organs and systems, it will then be realized that to follow an alkaline, detox diet would be a wise choice in improving our health.

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best detox diet plan

Some may view this type of diet as going against the grain of what we are lead to believe.  We have been told to eat balanced meals consisting of all of the food groups in appropriate proportions so that we will lose weight and be healthy.  Some may even believe that all of what is stated here is nonsense. And, most companies/persons that sell detox products or programs will proclaim that a detox diet should only be undertaken for a short period of time.  I’m waiting to hear of the miraculous reversal of dis-ease that takes place by following these guidelines!  (I’ll be waiting a long time, for sure.)  You will not be treating dis-ease or anything for that matter – you will be correcting the root issues that cause any symptoms that may be present in your life!

The picture is so much wider and deeper. We need to start thinking outside of the box of the “norm” and really take responsibility of our own health by finally coming to realize the truths that have been held from us!

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Detox Diet

To Detox or Not to Detox?

detox dietThere is so much controversy on whether a person should detox or not. Folks assume that the body is quite capable of ridding itself of the plethora of “nasties” it comes in contact with and comes out smelling like roses – that’s just plain ludicrous. Yes, the Supreme Being did create a wondrous marvel, our body, as we are designed with organs and systems (colon, liver, kidneys, bladder, lymph and skin) that work around the clock to rid the body of “toxins” (cellular waste, digestive waste, foreign proteins, heavy metals, etc.) that occur due to what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin and even from the stresses of our daily lives. Problems will and do arise when our organs/systems are overloaded with work, impeding proper function and elimination. Essentially, If our bodies could handle all of this, there would be no sickness and disease, point blank!

When we feel below par or have symptoms of dis-ease, we are experiencing the effects of the build-up of toxins. This is another name for “acidosis” of the body. And, this is what needs to be addressed and reversed through a proper detox. Most people get it wrong when they think to “purge” the body of toxins with the many detox diets, programs or pills out in the marketplace that may do more harm than good. What needs to be done and is the real meaning of detox – Alkalize! This is the golden key that opens the door to health and vitality.

Here’s what happens: Acidosis causes obstructions in either one or more of the 3 energy flows of the body – blood, nerve and lymph. Looking at the lymphatic system (which is the main system that is stressed), lymph fluid should be free flowing towards the kidneys that should filter out the acids. With the accumulation of too many acids (acidosis), the lymph fluid becomes cationic – an environment where things start to get sticky and coagulate, allowing very little to be eliminated. Any good detox regimen should aid in removing the obstructions by changing the body fluids to alkaline. This is a major start down the road to repair and rebuilding of the body.

Most detox diets/programs can be unhealthy and don’t work only because they are not alkalizing. In many cases, they are designed to purge the body of so-called toxins. When purging is involved, what is happening is your body is being forced to function the way it should be functioning on its own. So, the solution to this inability to rid of something foreign in the body (obstructions) is to strengthen the cells so that they may perform this task of elimination optimally. Now, there are instances that a very “constipated” organ/system needs a little nudge and this nudge should be gotten through a natural means and for a short length of time, such as with the use of herbs – an alkalizing means…. not with chemicals that are acid-forming, making matters worse.

Drinking tons of water to “flush” is not an advisable approach to detox. This is because, if you’re acidic, your body will retain water as it tries to “put out the fire” of acidosis and bloating is experienced in most cases (and especially since most of the water people drink is acidic!) This approach holds no water (pun intended) since when you release your bladder, it is usually clear after drinking lots of water. The fact is, if your kidneys are filtering the lymph optimally, you would have cloudy and flakey pee.

It’s time to take responsibility for our own health! Diet should be your main concern to accomplish this feat of detox. A detox diet should include 80% (total calories) raw fruits or freshly-made fruit juices, 10 – 15% greens and 5 – 10% essential fatty acids. If your body is very acidic (sick and diseased) adding detox herbs or herbal formulas are a great plus. Even animals in the wild know to consume herbs when needed! By following this way of healthy eating, your body’s elimination systems will be able to function optimally! To detox any other way sets you up for failure since it’s not alkalizing. If your body is very acidic (sick and diseased) adding detox herbs or herbal formulas are a great plus.

Why Detox?

Healthy Eating – Healthy Diet Plan

healthy eatingWhat does one consider healthy eating?  Is it healthy to follow the food pyramid chart? – Eating a “balanced meal” that includes items from each of the food groups?  Is a diet consisting of foods low in fats or calories an ideal healthy eating plan?  Is any diet that helps a person to lose weight considered healthy?  What and how should we eat that will give us vitality – a good detox diet?

Isn’t it comical that out of every specie living on this planet, we are the only ones that require a gazzilion amount of books to tell us how and what to eat?  It gets so overwhelming with all of the info published and spoken by so-called experts (especially when most of it is so contradictory). The majority of the population still hasn’t a clue to what healthy eating entails!  And, it shows as so many are suffering with poor health.

Healthy eating is very simple and basic:  Eat the foods that our bodies are physiologically and anatomically designed to eat and we will find balance in our health. Many diets out there are set up to help with weight loss while others are set up for monetary gain and everything in between. One must be very diligent when choosing a diet for weight loss as many of them are very unhealthy. A thin body does not necessarily signify a healthy one! However, a healthy body will always be reflected by a slim, fit body!


Humans are undoubtedly not omnivorous by nature, as popular thought has it. Many of us have become “cultural” omnivores as we depend on artifacts to raise, kill, butcher, cook, disguise with seasonings, cut up with knives to finally consume the animal prey’s flesh. With our natural and biological equipment, we clearly are not capable of killing, tearing into animal flesh and consuming prey raw, let alone, would we want to. When you see a cow in the field, do you look at it like something delicious that you have to charge after, and start tearing into to consume it on the spot? Doubtful.

Many vegetarians will argue the fact that we are herbivores. We can write this one off as a fallacy right off the bat – we don’t have 3-7 stomaches to successfully digest coarser grasses and herbs, grazing all day long. Many vegetarians consume greens such as, kale, chard, wheatgrass, etc, but they are either cooked or juiced, making them easier to digest. To sit down and eat a large amount of raw kale will leave your stomach feeling not so hot, I guarantee.

Comparative anatomy between carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and frugivores is distinguished in many aspects including: The formation of the teeth, the shape of the stomach, the length of the small intestine, the size of the salivary glands, the size of the liver, the type of placenta, the location of the milk glands, the shape of the extremities, etc. When we consider these facts, they strongly and sufficiently indicate that humans are, indeed, classified as frugivorous animals.

The frugivore diet consists of about 80% fresh, ripe, raw fruits; 10-15% tender leafy greens and shoots, with the inclusion of about 5-10% raw (not roasted) nuts and seeds. This is man’s ideal healthy eating plan. It will help the body to perform its natural processes of detox. However, if the body is acidic and needs extra boosting, herbs are the way to go! Herbs are such amazing foods that will energize and alkalize the body and for a good tonic or when medicinal properties are needed. These always should be included in the diet, especially if one is suffering with any malady.

If we consume a frugivore diet, natural processes of reversing or preventing illness and dis-ease will occur. Yes, food is our medicine and medicine is our food!  Weight issues will be a thing of the past. Pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. would only occur in times of stressful trauma and not experienced in our every day lives. To “come down with a bug” will be short-lived and not debilitating. A higher spiritual awareness, emotional stability and an over-all feeling of well-being will be attained.

Our digestive system is exceptionally adaptable. But, there are consequences when it is forced to adapt. If our diet consists mainly of processed and pre-packaged foods, animal products and by-products, grains, cooked foods, etc, we are doing a disservice to our bodies and after a while, our health becomes compromised.

This diet may seem a bit radical then what we have become accustomed to as being the “normal” way of eating in our society. But, sad to say, we have veered so far away from what is natural for our consumption that it has caused so much unnecessary suffering, low energy, weight issues, malnourishment, dis-ease, premature aging, etc. How about those “regular” aches and pains we suffer with? All the result of acidosis resulting from an unhealthy diet.

Because most of the produce in the marketplace are harvested before ripened (not too mention, loaded with chemicals to make them look delectable), it is difficult to receive all of the needed nutrients that our body requires to be healthy. Adding wild-crafted and organic herbs will ensure its needs. Herbs are highly energetic, medicinal, and alkalizing!

Many have reversed their dis-eases, gotten to their perfect weight, have so much energy and are living a high-quality life consuming a frugivore diet – the healthy eating plan for all of us!

Healthy Eating